Wednesday, October 19, 2011 By: Nurul Atiqah binti Rayah

A Wonderful Wednesday

Today is a wonderful Wednesday! Why?

  • I feel happy. I don't know why. There is a voice from my heart that saying to me that I have just to believe in Allah. He knows what is the best for me. And most of all, I never have this kind of feeling before. :)

  • Got to eat cookies that Uteh (one of my LAWSOC siblings) specially gave for me. His mom-made cookies was reaaally 'dap ehmm' (since Amal and the gang also joined me to finish it. :P)
    Uteh said I have helped him a lot. I don't know what kind of help did I contributed to him. Hm? *sambil garu kepala*

  • I went to class today with extraordinary spirit. Enjoyed all the topics in Usul al-Fiqh, Copyright & Design Right classes. *though there're so many tasks I have to complete within this week.* (-_-")

  • This is the most WONDERFUL thing that happened today. I went to mahallah office to collect my result of appeal for the compound that I got on early of this semester. And I was so surprised that my appeal was allowed and mahallah office waived my compound!

    Thank you Allah! Alhamdulillah! Really2 thankful because this is my first time for be summoned. For what reason? Oh, that one should be made secret. Haha~

    I think it's weird because all I know everyone said that the principal is strict, picky and so on but I got to waive my compound! Even so, I still wanna say thanks~ :)

    "Bukan kerana hari ini indah, kita bahagia. Tapi kerana kita bahagia, hari ini menjadi indah."

    Bukan kerana tida rintangan kita menjadi sabar. Tapi kerana kita sabar, semua rintangan menjadi mudah.

    Bukan kerana mudah, kita menjadi yakin. Tapi, kerana kita yakin, semuanya menjadi mudah. 

    Bukan kerana semua baik, kita tersenyum. Tapi kerana kita tersenyum, semuanya menjadi baik. "

    It is actually depends on our perception towards the day that we will go through. Put your believe in Allah, get some effort, be kind to others, then doa'. Allah knows what is the best for you. Face the day with positive perception.

    May Allah bless. :)


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rumput. said...

can i share a little bit of your day?
maybe for tomorrow..

Nurul Atiqah binti Rayah said...

who is this rumput?
sharing is scaring btw if we don't know with whom we share.

Afif Abdullah said...

akak banyak kasi nasihat kat uteh..itu pertolongan yang uteh rasa...thanks a lot kak...:)

Nurul Atiqah binti Rayah said...

uteh, everytime i advise you, i'm actually giving motivation to myself too!

hepi to assist you, anytime! ^^

batrisya qistina said...

kecek omputih..haha

Nurul Atiqah binti Rayah said...

batrisya: kecek omputih is the must once in a blue moon. haha

rumput. said...

laa..this's your secret admirer..*wink*

Nurul Atiqah binti Rayah said...

rumput: secret admirer konon. taktik basi ni. *wink*

rumput. said...

haha...rilek lah kak, nak ngorat pun tak leh ke..
p/s: ni didey lah, kantoi.

Nurul Atiqah binti Rayah said...

hahaha. didey mengade! meh sini link blog didey, mane aci main sorok2 nih! :D

rumput. said...

LOL...dah pun kata secret, so blog pun kenalah secret, barulah boleh admirer haha...

Riz Zaidi said...

kak :)

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